Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two new Blogs

I’ve been playing around some lately and started these two new Blogs to go along with this one. (Page two and three you might say.)

One Blog is about the Captured Prewar Iraqi Documents that we hear so little about in the MSM. I for one think some powerful things will come out of these documents in time. So this Blog was born that I titled “Captured Prewar Iraqi Documents –” If you should come across a good read on this topic... please let me know......
You can check this Blog out HERE

The other Blog is a Video Blog of all my slide/videos that I’ve put together over the last year or so. You just might like this one too. I titled this one “ – Video Blog.” I’m working on another slide that I’m going to call “Home at Last.” I’m taking my time and doing my best to make this little slide as heart warming as possible. So... look for it to be ready by around mid next week. (If you check out any of the slides... be sure to click the video play button twice to get the sides to play.)
Anyway... you can check this new Blog out HERE

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