Wednesday, August 10, 2005

U.S., Iraqi Troops finish Operation 'Quick Strike'

U.S. Marines, Iraqi Troops finish 'Quick Strike' Operation
American Forces Press Service

Iraqi special operations forces, Iraqi army soldiers and U.S. Marines from Regimental Combat Team 2 concluded Operation Quick Strike today.
American and Iraqi forces had teamed up to sweep the Haditha, Haqliniyah and Barwanah areas in recent few days as a part of a joint operation interdicting foreign and domestic terrorists' presence and networks, and collecting intelligence.

Quick Strike netted 36 suspected terrorists for questioning, officials said.
"This is another operation, similar to those conducted before, that has disrupted the insurgents' ability to operate freely in the western Al Anbar region," said Col. Stephen W. Davis, commanding officer, Regimental Combat Team 2. "The intelligence collected throughout this operation will enable us to better assist the citizens of western Al Anbar in their quest to participate in the upcoming referendum."

Nine car bombs were discovered. Three were identified by a local citizen, and the remaining six were discovered in an assembly garage used for rigging vehicles with explosives for insurgents to attack Iraqi civilians and military targets. And 28 improvised bombs were discovered during the operation. Most were planted as roadside bombs; others were rigged to destroy entire buildings.

(From a 2nd U.S. Marine Division news release.)

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