Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina- Update Saturday 9/03/05- Help in full force

Evacuees are airlifted to safety at New Orleans International Airport, La., via U.S. military transport on Sept. 2, 2005. Search and rescue crews are bringing in waves of evacuees while emergency medical crews are on hand to provide care to those with special needs. Department of Defense units have mobilized as part of Joint Task Force Katrina to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster-relief efforts in the Gulf Coast areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. DoD photo by: Staff Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey USAF (Click on photo for Video/slde)
Massive Relocation taking place- Choppers dropping water and supplies to the people still stranded in New Orleans- The Rescue Busses have come there in the hundreds- 10,000 more troops on the way within next 24hrs- And yes- people are still being pulled from houses even as I type these very words- God Bless those who risk their own lives to save the many- This is the America I Know!!!
** I’ll start today with looking at what’s going on outside of the Disaster areas. These places get little news Coverage so lets get started………
>>My cousin “Scoot” who lives in Baton Rouge Louisiana with her husband and children sent out an email to the family last night and it goes like this:
We are still fine here although things have definitely changed. A normal life or what we considered normal maybe gone for quite sometime. Helicopters fly over all day and night. Gasoline is in big demand and if you find it, on a good day, you wait in line to get it. Our streets are very congested. It is like rush hour all the time. Houses are selling like hot cakes. Too bad we don't want to move because we could sell our house today. People are just driving around looking for places to buy and rent. They will pay anything to get a house. This is good for all those people who have been trying to sell and haven't been able to.
Riot rumors were rampant all over town yesterday and had us all very concerned. But the TV said that it was just rumor and to try to relax. We have just loaded our guns and keep them near if needed. I have pretty much stayed off the streets due to lack of gas, traffic and power outages. They said today that all but 23,000 customers were back on today in Baton Rouge. But several main traffic lights were still out as I drove today. The kids were dying to have fast food so we went to Burger King. It was quite interesting in that we could only select from 5 items on the menu. This was due to power outages and lack of food supply. They had running out of food as fast as it came in.
Hopefully school will be able to resume on Tuesday. We don't have a clue as to how we are going to make these days up. We are hoping they will just add some time to the days. It is still very early in the year and if they just added 10 or 15 minutes a day we should be alright.
Well got to go. Just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know we are alright. Getting through on cell phone or land line is still difficult. But I've had more luck today with my cell phone.
Take care!

** A fast note on this… I would think this is going on all across the south right now- in all the small towns and the great big Cities too. I also think this great country of ours is in for another big- hard to deal with- change too-- One that is as big but most likely bigger than the one 9-11 brought onto us. And again- WE’RE ALL going to have to pull together and make this new world of ours work… I Am An AMERICAN… I know you are one too..........
**Sorry I haven’t posted much this afternoon or evening… It’s just that Amy and I have had our pride and joys with us most of the day… That’s right- Our two Grandsons- Chase Aubrey and Little David… You know… with all the suffering going on down south-- Having those two boys here with us seemed to mean just a little bit more to me today. I guess none of us really know what tomorrow might bring. So when god gives us the chance… We best make the most of it… A day will most certainly come for all of us when it’s time to go. And when that time comes-- I don’t want to be one of those whose last thoughts might be… “If I only had………………”
Anyway- Again I’ll end by asking everyone to say their prayers for the victims of this massive storm-- but always say one for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who have paid the ultimate price for freedom…

Good night my friends,
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