Friday, December 02, 2005

Now who cut and ran in Afghanistan???

Over at website is this little write-up today on this Question. All I can say is where the heck have these people been the last 4 years???

Do they understand anything that went on with the war in Afghanistan? Do they understand that the fight in Iraq is a completely different animal than the one we have in Afghanistan? Do they understand that not that many of our troops ever had feet on the ground in Afghanistan to start with??? Do they understand that we still have Troops on the ground alongside many other Nations right now??? Do they understand that the job is not done in Afghanistan but it is making great progress??????


Click out the read......
Who cut and run in Afghanistan?

(If the MSM would pay more attention to Afghanistan these days-- people like this will know we are still in the fight big time over there. And I for one thank all of those brave men and women over there... for what they are doing for all of us back here at home...)

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