Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice As Both Coincide For First Time In 372 Years

Image credit: Fred Espenak/NOAA

Get ready folks for Mother Nature is going to put on one heck of a show this coming Tuesday, December 21st, when the lunar eclipse and the winter solstice, (the first day of winter,) both coincide for the first time in over 372 years. The last time this happened was also on the day of December 21st... 1638. Those of us in North America well most likely have one of the better views of this lunar event, weather permitting of course.
This late Monday night, early Tuesday morning lunar event will begin at 12:33am and end at 4:01am CST. The complete/full eclipse will be between the hrs of 1:41am and 2:53am CST, lasting for 72 minutes. This is when the full moon appears as a bright red/blood orange glow... or in other words, when the shadow of the earth completely covers the surface of the moon.
Here’s some real COOL stuff at link below...
And yes... I’ll be up watching!
Oh yeah... one last thought... It won’t be another 372 years until the next Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice both coincide again on the same day. It will happen again in the year 2094. And yep... it too will be on the day of DECEMBER the 21st!

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