Sunday, July 08, 2012

On Ground Updates: Afghanistan - July 08, 2012

On Ground Updates:
Taliban Executes Woman for Adultery
As Dozens of Men Cheer
Sunday, July 08, 2012
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.Above image pull from raw Taliban video
* CNN brings us the following troubling report and it starts off like this… A shot rings out, but the burqa-clad woman sitting on the rocky ground does not respond… The man pointing a rifle at her from a few feet away lets loose another round, but still there is no reaction… He fires a third shot, and finally the woman slumps backwards… But the man fires another shot… And another. And another… Nine shots in all… Around him, dozens of men on a hillside cheer: "God is great!"… Officials in Afghanistan, where the amateur video was filmed, believe the woman was executed because two Taliban commanders had a dispute over her, according to the governor of the province where the killing took place…
Read the full report at link below…
* Warning *
Not for the weak of Heart
Awful: Taliban Executes A Woman For Adultery
In Parwan Afghanistan As Dozens Of Men Cheer On!

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News Video by Reuters that shows raw video footage of shooting: A man believed to be a member of the Taliban shot and killed a woman accused of adultery in front of a cheering crowd near the Afghan capital of Kabul. In a 3 minute video obtained by Reuters, a man is seen walking up to a woman kneeling in the dirt and shoots her 9 times at close range with an automatic rifle to cheers from the 150 men watching. As he approached her, another man can be heard saying "Allah warns us not to get close to adultery because it's the wrong way. It is the order of Allah that she be executed." When the woman fell sideways, the spectators chanted: "Long live the Afghan mujahideen! (Islamist fighters)," which is what the Taliban call themselves.
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These Ba$#*&s make me SICK!

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