Thursday, October 11, 2007

Extremists Mortar School in Diwaniyah

Extremists Mortar School in Diwaniyah
Multi-National Division - Central South PAO
, October 11, 2007

Extremists carried out a mortar attack on a Coalition Forces temporary base in the Iskan District of Diwaniyah City Oct. 7.

The mortars hit a school resulting in the injury of 10 civilians including seven children.

“I strongly condemn such barbaric acts done without regard for the citizens of the town,” said Major General Tadeusz Buk, Multi-National Division – Central South commander. “I would also like to express my deep sympathy for the injured people and their families.”

The division has provided the necessary medical support for Diwaniyah Hospital to help the injured people.

“I hope that such a brutal act will unite all citizens of Diwaniyah to clear their city of the terrorist groups,” said Buk.

From press release # 20071011-02 by Multi-National Corps - Iraq Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory

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