Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Assem Hammoud, Accused Al Qaeda Mastermind of Foiled Plot to use Suicide Bombers to blow up Hudson River Tunnels, Released on Bail in Lebanon

Assem Hammoud File Photo
* had this report posted up on their website Tuesday and it starts off like this… The accused Al Qaeda mastermind of a foiled plot to use suicide bombers to blow up Hudson River tunnels has been freed in Lebanon on a mere $667 bail… Assem Hammoud's release from a Beirut jail occurred months ago, but was kept quiet until he appeared in a TV interview Tuesday claiming his innocence… Word of Hammoud's release prompted outrage from local officials fearful there is nothing to stop the one-time Lebanese economics professor from trying to engineer another attack…
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Assem Hammoud, suspect in alleged New York tunnels plot, released on bail in Lebanon
* Following link is from a 2006 FBI Press Release
Lebanese-US Government Cooperate and Disrupt Plan to NY-NJ Transportation System
* Here’s how reported the original story back in 2006…
FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms smashed an Al Qaeda terrorist plot to attack New York City's underground transit link with New Jersey, law enforcement officials said Friday… Eight suspects - including an Al Qaeda loyalist arrested in Lebanon and two others in custody elsewhere - had hoped to pull off the attack in October or November of this year, federal officials said. But federal investigators working with their counterparts in six other countries intervened… "We're here today to discuss what we believe is the real deal," Mark Mershon, former assistant FBI director in New York, said during a press conference Friday. "We believe we intercepted this group early in their plotting and in fact, the plan has largely been disrupted."… The main target of the plot was the heavily traveled underground PATH train system that connects lower Manhattan and New Jersey's suburban communities, officials confirmed. The system carries more than 215,000 commuters daily. Mershon said the plot was supposed to be executed in October or November, but that it still was in the "planning stages."… "It was never a concern that this would actually be executed," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in Boston. "We were, as I say, all over this."…
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FBI Busts 'Real Deal' Terror Plot Aimed At NYC-NJ Underground Transit Link
I would now have to ask... Is Obama making us so weak, by cutting back on President Bush’s WORKING Policies to fight the War On Terror, that future plots like this one will never even popup on the radar to prevent them from killing hundreds if not thousands…?

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