Friday, June 16, 2006

America voted this week through Congress

America voted this week through Congress... And it was an overwhelming majority that said-- Stay the Course... Finish the Job... and yes... Iraq is a part of the war on terror.

A point so many forget about is this... All these men and women in Congress represent their people back home. The vote made by those in Congress represents what the majority of their people at home truly believe. (These politicians know good and well they will have to vote for-- not against the beliefs of their people... because if they don’t... they will most certainly not get reelected... period!) If the majority of the folks back home thought otherwise... we would have had another outcome in the voting of the Senate and the House. You can bet on that one.

Now... most Americans are upset and impatient with this war... any war. True... That’s what this country has become... Yet with that said... we sadly know that we can not cut and run. That we must stay and finish the job and that my friend is exactly what was shown this week in the votes you saw in the House and the Senate.

The People Have Spoken...

June 16, 2006

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