Sunday, June 25, 2006

U.S. Commander in Iraq Outlines Plan to Cut Back Troops

Headlines are running wild because of another “LEAK” story that came out by The New York Times today.

Some of the Headlines follow...
U.S. commander in Iraq outlines plan to sharply cut back troops
>>> Report: U.S. Troop Cuts Drafted
>>> NYT: General says most troops home by 2008

General George Casey, the U.S. commander in charge of coalition forces in Iraq, does have plans to cut troops in Iraq over the next few years... Yet he also has plans to add more troops if need be.

The latter of the two is not getting much press headlines today and the Dems running around trying to make political hay over this story better step back before they hurt themselves even more. (We know The New York Times only ran this story to put out another Left of Left Political spin point. Not working!!!)

These are not cut and run plans people... General Casey’s plans do stay in step with what the White House has been saying all along. Conditions on the ground will dictate...

Bottom line on all of this is-- yet again The New York Times takes it upon themelves to tell the enemy more of what we might just be doing. Had enough...?

June 25, 2006

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