Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared - Day Eleven

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Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared
Day Eleven

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>>> 6:55am CDT
Six times today the sirens could be heard in Haifa... yet luckily there were no reports of any hits by incoming rockets. Read good update on rocket attacks at
>>> 7:00am CDT
While watching the Fox News Channel... once again the sirens go off in Haifa... but none hit within the city.
>>> 7:30am CDT
Fox News Channel now reports... Israeli Tanks have entered Lebanon and are moving towards Maroun Al-Ras.
>>> 11:35am CDT
President Bush gave his weekly... Saturday President's Radio Address just a short time ago.
It goes in part like this... Good morning. This week I returned from Russia, where I met with world leaders at the G8 summit. The summit was an opportunity for important talks with these nations, and it brought progress on key issues. We had wide-ranging discussions on the global economy. We agreed on new steps to strengthen our collective security, including a United Nations Security Council resolution on North Korea. This resolution condemned North Korea's recent missile launches and it urged the North Korean regime to abandon its nuclear programs and return to the six-party talks... Much of our time at the summit was spent discussing the situation in the Middle East, especially the recent violence in Israel and Lebanon. Read the Radio Address in full HERE (Has Audio)
>>> 1:15pm CDT
Here’s a good read by It goes in part like this... The US is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, in a move likely to anger Arab governments and a sign there will be no early end to Israel's bombardment of Lebanon. Click this story out HERE
>>> 7:15PM CDT
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>>> 11:40pm CDT - (Finally... Cold house again!) has a good read to catch one up on the events on ground. It goes in part like this... Israeli tanks, bulldozers and armored personnel carriers knocked down a fence and barreled over the Lebanese border Saturday as forces seized a village from the Hezbollah guerrilla group. Read more HERE
U.S. Department of State
(Current information - A message to American citizens in Lebanon)
More info can be found
Daily UPDATES of EVENTS on GROUND at IDF Official Website
**** (Has Photos & Videos) ****
NOTE: More ongoing updates can be found at:
(Has Videos- Photos)
. -
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A good Summary of all the day/night events can be viewed at:
IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) - TV NEWS in ENGLISH

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