Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared - Day Seven

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Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared
Day Seven
Today's top quote: "I don't even know where our neighborhood was."
This was said today by a Lebanese Shiite, looking for where his home had been on the edge of a bomb-blasted Hezbollah compound in southern Beirut.
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Daily Telegraph
>>> 3:00pm CDT- A short recap of events up to now:
>Yahoo News has this... Israeli warplanes struck an army base outside Beirut in new bombings that killed 16 people, and Hezbollah fired more rockets at northern Israel, killing an Israeli, casting a shadow over diplomatic efforts to stem the escalating violence. An Israeli general said the campaign against the guerrillas could take weeks. Read more HERE
> IrishExaminer.com is reporting... Residents of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza dug through the rubble of their damaged homes, bridges and UN schools today, after Israeli troops pulled out following a two-day incursion aimed at stopping militants from firing rockets at Israel. Read more HERE and HERE
> Middle East Online reports... Israeli jets pounded Lebanon with a blistering wave of deadly raids under cover of darkness on Tuesday, the seventh day of an assault that has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing for their lives. Read more HERE
> DailyHerald.com has this... At least 120 Americans were flown out of Lebanon by helicopter today, but hundreds more waited in frustration for a passenger ship to take them to Cyprus. Read more HERE
> Dose.ca... has this story... Israel's army said on Tuesday the Lebanese guerrilla group Hizbollah was smuggling weapons from Syria but added it did not regard Syria as a target for attack. Read more HERE
> BBC has this report... Gunmen have stormed the home of a senior Palestinian security officer in Gaza, officials say. Read more HERE
> CentreDaily.com... U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Tuesday for ending the latest Middle East crisis by establishing an international force in Lebanon, saying it would have to be stronger than the largely ineffectual U.N. peacekeeping force that has been there for nearly three decades. Read this story HERE
> icUxbridge.icnetwork.co.uk... A British warship has docked at Beirut port to help in the evacuation of up to 22,000 British nationals wishing to escape the fighting between Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and Israel. Read more HERE
>>> 4:10pm CDT
IsraelNationalNews.com is reporting... IDF Chief of Operations Major-General Gadi Eizenkot told reporters on Tuesday that Israeli planes destroyed, and are continuing to target, trucks coming into Lebanon from Syria smuggling ammunition, weapons or supplies for the Hizbullah. Maj.-Gen. Eizenkot reiterated that the fatal projectile fired by Hizbullah terrorists at Haifa on Sunday, which killed eight railway employees, was a 220mm rocket originating in Syria. Hizbullah says the weapons launched at Haifa were Iranian-made Raad missiles. Read this story in full HERE
>>> 6:35pm CDT
IrishExaminer.com is reporting... Two big explosions reverberated over Beirut early today, and missiles hit towns to the east and south of the capital in new overnight strikes. Read this short report HERE
>>> 7:00pm CDT
IrishExaminer.com is also reporting... Israeli tanks began moving into the Mughazi refugee camp in central Gaza early today under cover of machine gun fire from troops. Read this short report HERE
>>> 9:05pm CDT
IsraelNationalNews.com... is reporting some real troubling news. It goes in part like this... Arab press sources close to the Hizbullah say that residents of Tel Aviv will be given one hour to flee before the terrorist group launches a barrage of missiles at the city. Read this report in full HERE
>>> 9:40pm CDT
CNN Cable News just reported... Israeli Ground Troops are now back in Southern Lebanon. Mission (as reported by IDF) is to destroy Hezbollah Outposts. More to come...
U.S. Department of State
(Current information - A message to American citizens in Lebanon)

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