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Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared - Day Nine

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Israel - An 'Act of War' Declared
Day Nine

Today's top quote: "What we're doing right now is we're working with those states in the region, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, as well as others, who have an interest in seeing a permanent solution, so that we aren't in this position three weeks, six months or three years from now, where a terrorist organization can literally drag a region down into violence."
Department of State Spokesman Sean McCormack
>>> 9:20am CDT is reporting this morning... For the first time since 1984, U.S. Marines hit the beaches in Beirut Thursday to help evacuate thousands of fleeing Americans, as the first planeload of U.S. citizens arrived back in the United States... Meanwhile, Hezbollah guerrillas wounded three Israeli soldiers in two separate clashes...
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> has this to report... Israeli troops met fierce resistance from Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday as they crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for a second straight day, and Israel hinted at a full-scale invasion.
Israeli warplanes also launched new airstrikes on Beirut's southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold...
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>>> 10:20am CDT is reporting this troubling news... Israel gave warning today that it would not hesitate to launch a full-scale ground invasion of Lebanon if it thought it needed to do so to achieve its military objectives against the Hezbollah militia. Read this story HERE
>>> 11:50am CDT has a good summery of the day. It goes in part like this...
Ninth day of war – northern communities continue to suffer: A rocket barrage was fired Thursday morning at the Carmiel area. The rockets landed in an open area. There were no reports of injuries or damage. Read story in full HERE
>>> 12:25pm CDT
Good update from AFIS. It goes in part like this...
The USS Nashville has joined the fleet of ships evacuating U.S. citizens from Lebanon, defense officials said today... The Nashville, a dock landing ship, arrived in the joint operating area off Beirut yesterday, and landing craft began ferrying refugees from Beirut to the ship. The ship will deliver the citizens to safe haven in Cyprus--about eight hours away by ship--later today, officials said.
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>>> 4:15pm CDT
Fox Cable News just reported... one dead-- one injured in Israeli Cobra Chopper crash. More to come...
>>> 6:20pm CDT
It now looks like it was two IAF Apache helicopters that collided and they did so somewhere near Kiryat Shmona. Some reports say there were four killed. More to come...
>>> 8:10pm CDT
AFIS reports... A total of 341 Americans successfully convoyed out of southern Lebanon and are shipping out of Beirut harbor for Cyprus, State Department officials said today.
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>>>8:30pm CDT and are now reporting... the Israeli Military has started pulling out of a Gaza refugee camp in central Gaza.
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>>> 11:30pm CDT has this summery on events today... Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah told al-Jazeera television that his group wouldn't free two captive Israeli soldiers unless Israel agrees to a swap of prisoners. Hezbollah took the soldiers during a cross-border attack on an Israeli unit last week, setting off the retaliation by Israel... Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, said a truce was undesirable as long as Hezbollah is capable of threatening Israel. Read this story HERE
>>>11:40pm CDT
Looks like the morning in northern Israel started off with the sounds of Israeli tanks hammering away at targets just over the southern Lebanon boarder. I wonder what this new day has in store...?
U.S. Department of State
(Current information - A message to American citizens in Lebanon)
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