Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News from DoD – AFIS

I see we had several good reads come out today from DoD – AFIS. Click them out below...

> The leader of U.S. Central Command said he believes sectarian violence in and around Baghdad is the "gravest threat" facing Iraq today... This is a decisive period in the country, Army Gen. John Abizaid told National Public Radio's John Hendren in a recent interview. "First and foremost we have to stabilize the situation in Baghdad before we need to get overly focused on leaving," Abizaid said. Read this story here... Abizaid Calls Sectarian Violence Gravest Threat in Iraq

> Bush told reporters he is sympathetic to Lebanon's plight and of the suffering of its people... "I assured the prime minister that I care deeply about the suffering that takes place, that we understand the anguish of leaders in the region who see innocent people losing their lives," the president said... Bush said the United States will provide $30 million in humanitarian aid. "We care about the people; we will help to get aid to the people," Bush said. Read this story here... America to Help Lebanese Displaced by Warfare, Bush Says

> The Defense Department evacuated 957 U.S. citizens from Lebanon to Cyprus yesterday aboard the contracted cruise ship Orient Queen, bringing the total to 12,870 since the crisis in Lebanon began July 16, DoD officials said today... Also, DoD airlifted the first humanitarian supplies promised to those in the war-torn country, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said. Three helicopters delivered three kits of medical supplies to Red Cross personnel. Each of the three medical kits has enough medicine and supplies to meet the needs of 10,000 people for three months. Seven other kits have arrived in Cyprus and will be delivered later. Read this story here... DoD Continues Lebanon Evacuation, Delivers Humanitarian Aid

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