Friday, January 02, 2009

Afghanistan: On Ground Updates - January 02, 2008

Afghanistan: On Ground Updates
Afghan, Coalition Forces Disrupt Road Side Bombers in Khost and Zabul

From U.S. Forces - Afghanistan
Friday, January 02, 2009

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan and coalition forces killed five armed militants and detained ten suspected militants, including the targeted Haqqani militant and Taliban sub-commander, during multiple operations to disrupt terrorist operations in Khost and Zabul provinces, Jan. 1.

Afghan national army and coalition forces netted the targeted Haqqani facilitator during the successful combined operation that left five armed militants dead and seven suspected militants detained. In Sabari District, approximately 160 km southeast of Kabul City, the combined force targeted the Haqqani militant believed to plan and execute attacks against coalition forces in Khost province.

As the combined force approached the militant’s compound, multiple armed militants exited the buildings and attempted to maneuver on the force. Members of the combined force moved to interdict the militants and were engaged by enemy small-arms fire and hand grenades. The combined force returned fire, engaging the armed militants with small-arms and close-air precision munitions, and killed five armed militants. A search of the militants revealed several hand grenades, multiple AK-47s, pistols and other military equipment.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the combined force continued the search of the targeted building, and found three bags of roadside bomb-making material, including blasting caps, remote detonators and wires. These items were confiscated by the force to prevent future use.

The operation in Qalat District, approximately 120 km northeast of Kandahar, resulted in the capture of a Taliban sub-commander known to plan and execute roadside bombs and direct attacks against coalition forces along Highway One. He is also believed to facilitate the movement of weapons into the Zabul province for illegal activities.

Coalition forces searched the targeted compound without incident and detained two additional suspected militants while protecting nine women and 20 children.

“Coalition forces and our partners in the Afghan national army will continue to aggressively pursue road side bombers and those who would bring harm to the Afghan people,” said Col. Jerry O’Hara, U.S. Forces Afghanistan spokesperson. “The best weapon against these criminals is the active involvement from the Afghan people.”

Taken from the DVIDS website

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