Thursday, January 15, 2009

President George W. Bush Gives Farewell Address to Nation

President Bush Gives Farewell Address to Nation
Thursday, January 15, 2009

. About photo: President George W. Bush embraces his daughters Barbara and Jenna as he receives a standing ovation from invited guests and members of his staff and Cabinet at the conclusion of his televised farewell address to the nation Thursday evening, January 15, 2009, in the East Room of the White House.
White House photo by Chris Greenberg

President Bush on Thursday said, "It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve as your President. There have been good days and tough days. But every day I have been inspired by the greatness of our country, and uplifted by the goodness of our people. I have been blessed to represent this nation we love. And I will always be honored to carry a title that means more to me than any other - citizen of the United States of America. And so, my fellow Americans, for the final time: Good night. May God bless this house and our next President. And may God bless you and our wonderful country."
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Well done, Mr. President...
And thank you...

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