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Day 9-10-11-12-13- ON Ground Updates, Israel/Palestinian Conflict, January 04-08, 2008

Second Stage of
* Operation 'Cast Lead *
Continues throughout the Gaza Strip
Day Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen - Week Two

Retaliation for Ongoing Rocket Attacks against the Jewish State
Israel/Palestinian Conflict
Post Dates: January 04 - 08, 2009

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Photo from IDF
The IDF operation continued overnight with large infantry, tank, engineering, artillery and intelligence forces operating throughout the Gaza Strip, along with the assistance of the Israel Air Force and the Israel Navy.
During exchanges of fire overnight (Jan. 3), dozens of armed Hamas operatives were hit by the IDF. IAF planes struck over 45 targets including tunnels, weapons storage facilities, mortar shell launching squads, and a number of mortar shell launching sites.
Israel Navy boats assisted the ground forces and attacked a number of targets including the Hamas intelligence headquarters in Gaza City, rocket launching sites, and Hamas marine force outposts.
An IDF officer and an IDF soldier were severely wounded during the night. The families of the injured officer and soldier have been notified.
In addition, 28 other soldiers were injured moderately and lightly. The soldiers received initial medical treatment at the scene and were transported to the hospital for further treatment.
The IDF will continue to operate against the Hamas terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip according to plan in order to reduce the rocket fire on the south of Israel.

Info from IDF Official Website
Operation Cast Lead: Background Briefing

About Video: Background on IDF's operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza during the winter of 2008/2009. Israel left Gaza in 2005 hoping for peace and a fresh start, but Hamas has destroyed that optimism through its continued support for terror against innocent civilians....

Folks... this is a GREAT IDF Report that you GOT to click out... I think most of us have forgotten just how we got to this point in this conflict in Gaza... by way of IRAN.
Video posted on YouTube by idfnadesk
Why Ambulances Sometimes Get Targeted By IAF

About this raw Video Footage: Video shows Palestinian Gunmen using Ambulances as Troop Carriers
Video posted on LiveLeak by barnesy
Israel’s Channel 2 News Online
Click out their Daily News Report
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POST UPDATE: Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Israeli attack on Gaza school kills 30

About this News Video: UN officials say thirty people, including children, have been killed in an Israeli strike on a United Nations-run school in Gaza. The attack in the north of the region is the single most deadly incident since Israel began its offensive 11 days ago.
News Video posted on YouTube by

Today I Introduce you to...

PJTV - Middle East Update - Jan. 6th -
Richard Landes and Yitzak Sokoloff
Video around 19 minutes
GREAT REPORTING - Be sure to click it out

Post UPDATE: Wednesday, January 07, 2009
The Operation Continues: Forces Clash with Hamas Gunmen
On Wednesday (Jan. 7), the IAF, IN and Artillery Corps again provided support to the Ground Forces, Armored Corps and Engineering Corps during their operations. The forces struck squads of armed terror operatives, as they were approaching ground forces, and struck rocket launching sites used to firing at the ground forces.
In the northern Gaza Strip, in a number of instances, ground forces came under fire from armed Hamas operatives and the forces responded with direct fire. Ten soldiers were lightly injured during the gun battles.
Throughout the day, the IAF struck more than 40 additional targets. The targets include, weapons smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, ten rocket launching sites and pads, four armed terrorist squads, a Hamas outpost, nine weapons smuggling tunnels dug from under houses, a weapons storage facility, and four burrows from which rockets are launched.
Info from official IDF website

More updated news to come as Operation continues...

God’s speed in a fast... successful mission, IDF
And in the end...
I hope you can finally achieve a
Long Lasting Peace


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