Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Music Videos: Mad World

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Now don’t get me wrong gang... I have not become one of those tree huggers or nothing like that. I’m not a believer in all this Global Warming crap either. But I am a true believer in the fact that this beautiful world we live in today is in a LOT of hurt and over the next many years ahead of us there is a lot of GOOD that can be done.
..I can’t really tell you why... but I really do like this Music video and I hope you enjoy it too.................................................Music Videos: Mad World
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About this Video: Gary Jules, from the album Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets [2001]. Also featured on the Donnie Darko soundtrack movie [2003]. Originally by Tears for Fears, The Hurting [1983]
Written by Roland Orzabal
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Updated Tuesday, January 02, 2010.Though I do not believe in Manmade Global Warming there is, as I said above... a whole LOT of hurt going on in the world. And so much of that hurt is caused by regular Mother Nature and Mother Earth, compounded by man’s complete ignorance to both.
Developing stronger housing and building codes would save many 100,000 of lives EVERY Year from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and such. And in the long run I for one would think it would save our country and the world many billions of dollars every year in rescue and rebuilding cost.
I also do NOT understand why we allow rebuilding in KNOW major flood areas or areas with known mudslide/avalanche potential. It is such a waste of life and property!
As I said before... there is a lot we can do over the next so many years to improve life on this planet. The things I mentioned above are just a few of them...
.AubreyJ..........In memory of all the lives lost this year due to poor building codes and location.May god bless each and every one of them...

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