Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Government of Iraq, MNF-I release more than 220 detainees

June 13, 2006

In the spirit of unity and reconciliation, the Government of Iraq and Multi-National Force - Iraq in a joint initiative released more than 220 security detainees June 11 from Coalition- run Theater Internment Facilities.

Vice President Tariq Al-Hashimi addressed the security detainees at Abu Ghraib Theater Internment Facility telling them, “You are entering a different world; you must give the government a chance and become productive members of society.”

This release is part of a Government of Iraq plan to release 2,500 security detainees in the month of June, and will be accomplished through a series of 200 – 500 person releases throughout the month.

The Iraqi Government has approved the release of those not guilty of serious, violent crimes such as bombing, torture, kidnapping and murder. The detainees must renounce violence and pledge to be good citizens of Iraq.

The decision to release is an acknowledgment by the Government of Iraq and MNF-I of the importance of progress toward democratic governance and the rule of law in a new Iraq.
(Above courtesy of Task Force 134, MNF-I and taken from press release A060613b - June 13, 2006)

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