Sunday, January 14, 2007

Operations in Somalia Continue - Update Three

Operations in Somalia Continue - Update Three
Ongoing Story: Update Sunday, January 14, 2007

>>> The fight is still on in Somalia as the fledgling government continues the struggle to assert authority over its nation that has known little but clan warfare and chaos for the last 15 years... is all over the story today with some real good reads on the ongoing war in Somalia. Click them out HERE
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>>> is reporting... A British SAS Team has joined American Special Forces hunting al-Qa'ida terror suspects as they try to flee war-torn Somalia after the crushing defeat of the country's Islamist forces last week. The suspects are trapped between invading Ethiopian troops... assisted by American Special Forces and Mercenaries... and the Kenyan army and British SAS troops who are acting as Training Advisers but have been leading operations along the border, providing a screen to trap terrorists...
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More news on Somalia in the days to come...
And the War on Terror Broadens
(Dems... what’s your plan for the War on Terror?)
January 14, 2006

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