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Special Report: DRILL- BUILD- DEVELOP New Technologies for a Better, Cleaner, Energy Independent Tomorrow

Special Report:
AubreyJ’s Energy Update Report -
November 19, 2008

DRILL Wells... BUILD new Refineries/Plants... and DEVELOP New Technologies for a Better, Cleaner, Energy Independent, Tomorrow
. Image courtesy of Chesapeake Energy
This First Special Report, ‘DRILL- BUILD- DEVELOP’, is mostly about how the drilling for our own Natural Resources is making a BIG Difference on local economies, Plus JOBS!!!
Let’s get started...
The TV News Station KTAL in Shreveport, LA had this News/Video Report back on Friday, Nov.7th that I’ve been saving just for this post.

KTAL’s reporting, along with others that I’m going to share with you today, show just how much DRILLING for our own natural resources are a BIG PLUS for the local economies of this great nation of ours (in this case in my local area and the Dallas/Fort Worth area,) and just how many NEW JOBS are being/have been brought into play too.

In today’s economy, these new jobs are so desperately needed for all those many people out there who are now finding themselves without work.

If all of us would only do our parts to help in the pressing of our new President-elect and the new upcoming Congress to pass strong new laws that would help start the spreading of an umbrella of all workable energy solutions that would fix our energy problems once and for all... Well... We’d be a much safer, stronger, wealthier and have more jobs filled in this GREAT Country of ours than ever before!!! (I’ve been doing my part –- Have you!)

With that said... let’s get started with the KTAL News/Video Report first. It starts off like this... Friday, [Nov. 7th] General Motors announced a net third quarter loss of 2.5 billion dollars. However, local dealerships report record sales. They say the local economy is stable and people are cashing in on the Haynesville Shale giving them more money to spend...
Click it out at link below...
Local GM Dealerships Buck National Trend
> The Shreveport Times had this article posted on their website back on Oct. 29th and it starts off like this... Don't blame Bossier City if you see a "help wanted" sign in its window... Energy companies moving to the Shreveport area to drill the Haynesville Shale are offering a lot of money to local workers, so much so that Bossier City is worried it won't be able to match... "I suspect that's what's going on," Mark Hudson, Bossier City engineer, said of younger workers who recently left city government. "I know once drilling gets up and running with the Haynesville Shale, we're going to lose more to that industry."... Bossier City does not officially track where employees go after leaving its employment, but Hudson said he thinks a handful of workers already have left for natural gas companies, with more to come...
Read this article in full at link below...
Drilling companies vie for local workers - Bossier City says better pay luring away younger employees
> Now here’s some GREAT reporting by Shreveport Times reporter Drew Pierson, who along with photographer Doug Collier, spent several days in Fort Worth in early October to learn how that city has been transformed by the Barnett Shale natural gas discovery... Here’s a sample of what they came up with... This article was posted Sunday, Oct. 26th--
...Differences between the two cities could be just as important as differences in the shales. For starters, the Shreveport-Bossier Metropolitan Statistical Area is about half the size of the Fort Worth city limits, both in terms of population and area... People interviewed in Fort Worth generally saw Shreveport's smaller size as beneficial to this area. Not only does a smaller city mean a smaller urban area, and thus fewer wells near highly populated areas, it also greatly magnifies the economic impact of the shale... In Fort Worth, the Barnett Shale generated about $10.1 billion of economic output in 2007 alone, according to The Perryman Group, an economic consultancy based in Waco, Texas. But that's a fraction of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy in total, which generated roughly $389 billion in 2007... Shreveport-Bossier City, by comparison, saw an economy of around $20 billion in 2007. Ten billion dollars out of $389 billion is only 2.6 percent of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy. But $10 billion out of $20 billion means the shale could create, out of thin air, half of Shreveport's economy - and the Haynesville Shale is even bigger than the Barnett Shale...
Read the full article at link below...
Fort Worth’s experience may offer lessons
> brings us this great read... This article was posted Saturday, Oct. 25th-- Drilling in the Haynesville Shale has brought "a tremendous economic boom to the area," Harrison County Judge Richard Anderson said... And, he added, there has also been "a lot of increase in drilling activity in Cotton Valley wells, which are one layer above Haynesville Shale."... Anderson was guest speaker at a recent Marshall Lions Club meeting... And while an increase in oil and gas activity is good news for the county and property owners in the form of higher taxes and hefty royalties, "our roads are taking a beating," the judge said. "We have 742 miles of county roads. They are not designed to the same standards as Texas highways."...
Read the rest at link below...
Anderson addresses Haynesville Shale boom
> Then we have this great reporting by Elizabeth Souder and Marice Richter of The Dallas Morning News that give us another take on how today’s economy is affecting these Natural Gas plays and vice versa. This article was posted on Oct. 25th and it starts off like this... The party in the Barnett Shale is winding down... With natural gas prices half what they were earlier this year, production companies called a cease-fire in the bidding war for land leases, and some are rolling their drilling rigs to newer, hotter fields elsewhere... "We had an unprecedented and phenomenal run-up in gas prices, which I think led to a lot of exuberance, particularly in the Barnett Shale," said Roy Patton, senior vice president of commercial operations for the pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners... "Is it winding down from the exuberant place it was last year? Yes."... For North Texas, this means one of the region's important buffers against a national recession has thinned. Lower natural gas prices mean smaller royalty checks, shrunken leasing bonuses and fewer rigs, leading to smaller tax receipts and fewer jobs...
Read the rest at link below...
As the Barnett Shale's production peaks, economic factors weigh heavily on its future
* had this Report/News Video posted on their website back on Oct. 22nd and it starts off like this... Oil prices will rise again, warned oil and gas baron T. Boone Pickens. He made a stop in Shreveport Wednesday morning for a town hall meeting to unveil his energy plan to local residents... That plan calls on using natural gas, lots of it, instead of foreign oil. It's a perfect fit locally considering the Haynesville Shale...
Click out the rest at link below...
Oil baron T. Boone Pickens pitches energy plan
...NOTE: I support, in the most part, the ‘PickensPlan’.
> Be sure to watch this video of T. Boone Pickens on CBS 60 Minutes back on Sunday, Oct. 26th. Click it out
I was also a strong supporter of Senator John McCain’s energy plan... ‘All Of The Above Energy Solution’
I’ll end this post by saying this...
Come ON America!!! We GOT to stop all this in-house fighting on who has the best ideas on Energy Policy and start spreading out an umbrella of all workable ideas that will fix our energy problems TODAY and for the near/long-term future.
* Demand DBD for a Better Tomorrow *

DRILL Wells... BUILD new Refineries/Plants... and DEVELOP New Technologies for a Better, Cleaner, Energy Independent, Tomorrow.
Our Future, Our Countries Security Depends On It
, November 19, 2008

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