Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorist Attack in London
(An open-ended post on the Terrorist Attacks in London this morning.)

President George W. Bush and fellow G8 leaders stand behind England's Prime Minister Tony Blair Thursday, July 7, 2005, as he addressed the media at the Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland, regarding the terrorist attacks that occured in London earlier in the day. White House photo by Eric Draper

"There are obviously casualties, both people who have died and people who are seriously injured, and our thoughts and prayers, of course, are with the victims and their families."
British Prime Minister Tony Blair
July 07, 2005

President Bush condemned today's coordinated terrorist attacks in London and instructed U. S. Department of Homeland Security officials to encourage local and state officials to be "extra vigilant" to prevent similar attacks in the United States.

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** After four explosions in London this morning, Homeland Security raises Terror Alert Level for MASS TRANSIT SYSTEMS, (Rail, Bus and Subway systems,) throughout the United States. No changes for airlines at this time. No specific intelligence indicating this type of attack in London is seen in the United States at this time.

** 12:15pm eastern time- At least 37 Confirmed Dead by British Police. Many more injured. (These numbers will be changing throughout the day…)

** British Alert- High- Attacks may not be over...

This morning, terrorists apparently set off bombs in three London subway cars and one double-decker bus. This is by far the worst attack in London since World War II. During press conferences today, an obviously shook up Tony Blair tries to comfort the British people.

Tony Blair returns to London from Scotland where he had been attending a conference of leaders from major industrialized nations. (The G8 Summit…) All of Britain’s Subway and Bus systems are shut down today. As many as 700 people injured in London Blasts.

No one knows who was responsible for these attacks, yet it does have the earmarks of an Al Qaeda attack. One bus may have been blown up by a suicide bomber at Russell Square in central London. More on this as information becomes available.

** Wall Street acts with calm over Terrorist Attacks in London today. Oil at $60.73 which is off from the earlier record highs of $62.10 set earlier in the day.

** “This morning, the civilized world watched with concern as the people of London saw the face of violence and brutality. We offer our deepest sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones and to those who were wounded.”
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
July 07, 2005

** The jailing of a New York Times journalist Judith Miller, who refused to testify in an investigation into the reviling of a CIA agent back in 2003, gets “0” Press today. Also today the Egyptian presidency confirmed the murder of Ihab el-Sharif, who was Egypt's Ambassador to Iraq. It was 4 days ago when Sharif was kidnapped in Baghdad by the al-Qaida group of Iraq. Very little press has been given to this murder either.

** Earlier today at the British Embassy here in the States, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the attacks will only re-energize efforts to counter terrorism. "It will, in fact, only strengthen the resolve of Great Britain, of Prime Minister Blair and his government, and of the people of Great Britain to make certain that terrorists know that they cannot win," she said. "We remain resolved in our determination to root out this scourge against humanity and against civilization." Secretary Rice also expressed America's "deepest sympathies and our solidarity" to the people of Great Britain.

** After being back in London for 8 hours, Tony Blair returns to Scotland and the G8 Summit.
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web_loafer said...

I feel as helpless as a little child,
But I want to do something.
So I will pray for the injured,
Mourn for the murdered,
And hope the ones responsible,
Are caught quickly,
And treated harshly.
Yes, I said treated harshly.

The civilized world is not going to win the battle against terrorism,
If it plays by the rules the ACLU wants everyone to adhere to.

Of all the kingdoms of the world
Great Britain is not the place where
Crying mothers and fathers should be
Picking up the remains of their children,
At the morgue.

I admire the stalwart, unflinching determination,
Of the Kingdom’s peoples.
From Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and Australia
And any other place where the Union Jack flies,
There are hurting people today.

I join them in their sorrow.
Let us learn from this.
Our enemies will wait and wait until
They think we are not looking
Then they will strike. Cowards
They hide from the soldiers, then
Strike out at women and children.’
Cowards, not worthy to be called soldiers
They are cold blooded killers for Allah.

Great Britain is a great kingdom, because of its
Hard working intelligent people.

There are other kingdoms in the world
That are wealthy only because there is oil
Beneath the sands of their country.
They are not great, they are simply rich.
Riches cannot buy greatness.
I don’t care how you dress a baby killer up
He is still a cowardly baby killer.
Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria,
All are kingdoms of some sort,
But they are not great kingdoms.
They produce nothing the world is clamoring for except Oil.
They have few poets, writers or musicians.
They squander their birthright
They were born human, but don’t act humane.
They export hardened terrorists to the far reaches of the world
Cowards, not in uniform and claiming to be fighting Allah’s Battle.
Allah’s warriors are cowards, and not manly.
They are cowards, and don’t deserve a trial
Just a bullet to the head