Thursday, October 06, 2005

Threat to New York Subway System deemed Credible

The threat is so specific to target, timing, and method that an alert to the proper authorities of NY and to the public was felt necessary. This information has been known for a few days now and even a news entity got wind of it and was ask not to report on it for a few days. Hats off to this news entity-- I’m impressed... The who’s and what’s of where this info came from is classified.
Latest updates below:
>> ... law enforcement official said the threat was "specific to place," and that the window for the attack was anywhere from Friday through at least the weekend. (Guess what gang??? Friday is October 7th... The FOUR YEAR Anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan.)
FOXNEWS.COM ‘NYC Ups Subway Security after Bomb Threats’

>> ‘NYPD: Extra Security On Subways’
>> BBC News ‘Warning of New York subway threat’

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