Sunday, May 22, 2005

My Views -- (Welcome to my first Post)

No better way to start off than with a quote...

"In time, perhaps, we will mark the memory of September 11 in stone and metal. Something we can show to our children as yet unborn to help them understand what happened on this minute and on this day. But for those of us who lived through these events, the only marker we'll ever need is the tick of a clock at the 46th minute of the eighth hour of the 11th day...”
President George W. Bush
December 11, 2001

My answer to this is from my remarks on the homepage of my website at It goes as follows: No matter what your political views might be... One thing is for certain. In these days of fast news and even faster life styles, we all seem to have forgotten those moments in history that so abruptly and tragically changed this beloved Country of ours.
911- How soon we forget.

Now don’t get me wrong… I know all of us have not forgotten 9-11. Yet I do feel that most of us have forgotten the magnitude of the day and the repercussions that soon followed afterwards. Even to this day the repercussions can still be felt.

I came to this conclusion back in July, 2004 during the time when all the hype on the Presidential election was in full swing. My god… All of the crap that was going on during this time was just beyond belief.

You remember??? All the mean hearted ads that were coming out one behind the other. All the one sided columnist and most of the news media, negatively hammering away at anything and everything the President had done or was trying to do. They never once mentioned any of the good things GW had achieved during his first 4 years in office. Made one think we were back in the old Vietnam days again. At least that’s where all the ads and news rhetoric was trying to take us.

My first thought on this was, “Hello out there… Has everyone forgotten the horrors of 9-11?” Seemed to me they had. Think about it. All events, the economy, jobs +/-, (and the list goes on,) all come back to this one day in history. You can spin it anyway you would like but it will always come back to 9-11, one way or the other.

Another thought that came to mind was, “what in the world did Vietnam have to do with anything that was going on, at this moment, on this day?” NOTHING!!! It surely had nothing to do with 9-11 or with any of the mess that followed afterwards. It had nothing to do with the war on terror, the economy, job gains, Social Security, Medicaid or even with Welfare.

The way I saw it, the Bush Administration performed very well considering all the abnormal circumstances that so abruptly fell into their laps after 9-11. By itself, just trying to keep this country heading forward and staying on the right path would have been a hard enough task for any administration. Yet Bush did it well and with the backing of most Americans too.

Were there mistakes made during Bush’s first 4 years? Of course there were. Our great country had never been put into a situation like the one 9-11 brought onto us. NEVER!!! It was the first time in our history that I think we ever had to, “learn as you go.” And we had to learn at a very rapid pace at that… But if you were to listen to all those Left Wing folks out there, they seemed to have forgotten all of that. All they wanted to do was to give you a mile long list of spin on all the wrong doings they thought the Bush Administration had done.

Just another case of Monday morning quarterbacking. They couldn’t help it. They couldn’t come up with a better plan for nothing. Unless you think going back to the old days of thinking, as it was before 9-11, was a good plan. NOT!!!

Anyway... As you can tell by now, I had no likings for John Kerry or his Party. Well… We’ll just say for the way his Party had become. It’s not my fault. The Democratic Party did at least once stand for something. But not now a day. All they stand for now, as before the election, is a bunch of rhetoric and who can hate President Bush the most. Maybe they can get their act together over the next year or two. This country and the war on terror would surely run a lot smoother by them doing so. But if they don’t, we’re going to take a lot of them out of office in the 2006 elections and god help them in 2008. Time will tell I guess.

Oh well… The bottom line for me is my man won. Right man for the right job, George W Bush. And yes, I truly do believe that history will soon enough prove this fact out...


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