Monday, September 20, 2010

Iraq: On Ground Updates - September 2o, 2010

Iraq: On Ground Updates
Six car bombs detonate across Baghdad Sunday plus suicide bomber blows up car in Fallujah killing 37 people and wounding over a 100 more
Monday, September 2o, 2010
* The Washington Post has the following report posted up on their website early this Monday morning and it starts off like this... Six car bombs detonated across Baghdad on Sunday and a suicide bomber blew up a car in nearby Fallujah, killing a total of 37 people and wounding more than 100 in the deadliest day of violence in Iraq since the United States announced the end of combat operations three weeks ago... The scope of Sunday's attacks - especially a pair of simultaneous car bombings - illustrated how uncertain the security situation remains as the United States hands over more security responsibility to its Iraqi counterparts...
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Bombs kill 37, injure more than 100 in Iraq
* reports it this way... A string of bombings killed 37 people Sunday in Iraq's deadliest day since President Barack Obama officially announced the end of the U.S. military's combat mission on Aug. 31...

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Iraq suffers deadliest day since U.S. drawdown

US troops adjust to Advise and Assist, reconstruction mission as Operation New Dawn begins

About this Video: Army Staff Sgt. Nick Morales reports from Basrah on remaining troops conducting their mission of advising and assisting the Iraqi Security Forces as Operation New Dawn begins. Army Col. Pete Jones, commander, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, and Army Lt. Col. Michael Jaskowiec, Iraqi Security Forces cell director, 1st Infantry Division, are interviewed.
This news video posted on YouTube by USFIraq - Original post date August 26, 2010

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