Sunday, October 16, 2005

Iraq: October 16, 2005- Another One Bites the Dust

Al Qaeda propaganda cell leader captured

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces captured Al Qaeda in Iraq’s propaganda cell leader during a raid last month. (OHHH the Intel they must have gotten out of his sorry...)

Coalition forces raided a suspected terrorist safe house in Karabilah, capturing Yasir Khudr Muhammad Jasim al-Karbali (aka Abu Dijana) Sept. 25. Dijana was the senior Al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda cell leader for Karabilah, Al Qaim and Husaybah.

Abu Dijana’s cell consisted of photographers who used video and still photograph images to document insurgent attacks against Iraqi citizens and Iraqi and Coalition security forces.

Local Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders notified Abu Dijana of impending attacks in the area at which time he would contact his terrorist cell members and provide them with equipment and supplies needed to record the attacks.

After documenting the attacks, Abu Dijana collected the photographs and video and forwarded it to other senior Al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda officials for their use. The images were then made into terrorist propaganda products for distribution through print and internet sites to intimidate Iraqi citizens and security forces.
Courtesy of Multi-National Force - Iraq

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