Tuesday, October 25, 2005

War on Terror just got stepped-up a notch

War on Terror just got stepped-up a notch
If anyone had the time to watch President Bush today, as he spoke at the Joint Armed Forces Officers' Wives' Luncheon... many would have come out with the same conclusion of his speech as I. All I can say is this... It’s about a year or so late... but now it is on!!! Syria... Look out!!! Today you have been warned... America... I think you just got a Heads-Up today from your President too... White House photo by Paul Morse

“...This week, the United Nations Security Council will hear a new report from an independent commission that points to Syrian involvement in the terrorist bombing that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, and 22 others last February. Syria is destabilizing Lebanon, permitting terrorists to use its territory to reach Iraq, and giving safe harbor to Palestinian terrorist groups. The United Nations has passed strong resolutions against terror. Now the United Nations must act -- and Syria and its leaders must be held accountable for their continuing support for terrorism, including any involvement in the murder of Prime Minister Hariri.”
President George W. Bush
October 25, 2005

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