Saturday, December 17, 2005

Senate refuses to extend Patriot Act – MSM goes Wild!!!

The MSM seems to be doing backflips over the Senate refusing to extend expiring portions of the Patriot Act.

They’re putting out reads like... “GOP SUFFERS BLOW AS SENATE BLOCKS PATRIOT ACT EXTENSION...” or how about-- “THE US Senate inflicted a MAJOR DEFEAT on George Bush...”
But the most irresponsible of all is-- “Spying Scandal Draws Heat”

Heck... they love it!!!

Anything to take the Bush Administration down... ANYTHING!!!! The HELL with our Country... The hell with the lives of Americans and our TROOPS... JUST GET BUSH AT ANY COST...
it’s time to vote with your wallet and remote... And 2006 WITH YOUR VOTES!!!!
Had enough of the Left and the MSM??????
I sure the HELL HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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