Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iraq, February 23, 2006: This isn’t Civil War... this is Zarqawi

Is this civil war in the making in Iraq??? If you listen to the MSM... that’s what most seem to be pushing as fact. I disagree... This isn’t Civil War... this is Zarqawi’s bunch... and I think most Iraqis understand this.

Fact: Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda's terrorist leader in Iraq, issued a statement back in 2004 justifying violence against Shiite Muslims to help restore Iraq to its previous state. Quote: "I come back and again say that the only solution is for us to strike the religious, military and other cadres among the Shiia with blow after blow until they bend to the Sunnis..." Zarqawi also said he recognizes that blood will be spilled in the endeavor, but that God's religion is more precious than lives and souls.

Now this is not to say that there is not going to be troubling times over this mosque bombing. There is... Ground reports out of the largest troubled area, Baghdad, shows it. Yet as long as all the leaders condemn yesterday's bombing of one of the holiest Shiite mosques, in Samarra, Iraq... and at the same time join together in urging the Iraqis not to allow the incident to divide them and to push forward... all should settle down and fast......


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