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What Extremists are Saying

On February 24, 2006, "Abd-al-Muhyi" posted a statement to the Ana al-Muslim Forum from "al-Qa'ida Organization in the Arabian Peninsula" (the name refers to Saudi Arabia) saying that organization claims credit for that day's attack on an oil installation in Buqayq, in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Region. "Abd-al-Muhyi" claims to have copied the statement from the password-protected Al-Hisbah website.

The "News" forum of the Ana al-Muslim website is a popular spot for statements issued by Iraqi insurgency groups.

Following is a translation of the statement.

"Thanks be to God, lord of the faithful; No aggression but on unjust people; God's prayers and peace be upon the one sent with the sword as a mercy for the two worlds, our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.

"With God's support, our heroic mujahidin from the Unit of Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, may God preserve him, at noon today, Friday, 26 Muharram 1427 hegira [24 February], infiltrated a facility for oil and gas processing in the city of Buqayq in the Eastern Region of the Arabian Peninsula, clearing the road for two booby-trapped cars, driven by two martyrdom-seekers. These plants help in stealing the Muslims' oil wealth. We will give further details on the operation and those who carried it out at a later stage, God willing.

"This operation falls within the framework of the operations carried out by al-Qa'ida Organization in its war against crusaders and Jews to prevent them from stealing the Muslims' wealth and to force the infidels out of the Arabian Peninsula.

"These heroes are an honorable example of the youth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, and their likes are many by the grace of Allah. They all compete for martyrdom and are eager to fight God's enemies, be they Jews, Crusaders, or the lackey apostate leaders. Their hearts cry out in pain over what has happened to their Muslim brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and everywhere else. You will see from them what soothes your hearts, God willing.

"Oh Allah, revealer of the book, mover of the cloud, crusher of the parties, crush America and its allies, crush and quake them and grant us victory over them, O All-Powerful, O Noble.
"Al-Qa'ida Organization in the Arabian Peninsula"


On February 20, 2006, the weblog Mujahidin News posted links to the "full" version of the January 30, 2006 Ayman Al-Zawahiri video message broadcast on Aljazeera Television. The video contained several portions that were not aired by Aljazeera, including are sponse to the US missile strike in Pakistan and a threat to Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. The 11-minute, 18-second video was produced by Al-Qaida’s video production and distribution arm the Al-Sahab Institute, and has subtitles in English. The Mujahidin News is a new blog that provides statements by several Iraqi insurgency groups.

"In the name of God, and praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the messenger of God and up on his family, companions and allies.

Muslim brothers everywhere, peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings. The US aircraft, with the collusion of traitor Musharraf and his security services, the slaves of the Crusaders and Jews, launched an attack on the village of Damadola in the Bajawar District shortly after the Id al-Adha, killing eighteen Muslims-- men, women, and children -- in their fight against the jihad, which they call terrorism, and on the pretext of seeking to kill my weak person and four of my brothers. The whole world has discovered the extent of US lying and disappointment and how barbaric it is in its fight against Islam and Muslims. Commenting on this incident, I would like to send several messages. I address the first message to the butcher of Washington, Bush. I tell him: Bush, you are not only a liar and defeated, but with God's help and might, you are a failing and disappointed person. You are a bad omen to your nation. You have brought and will bring to it catastrophes and disasters.

“Oh Bush, you failed Crusader, may you know that we, unlike you, are members of a nation of monotheism who believe in the 'One God who begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him' [Koranic verse, adapted from Sura 112:2 -- 4]. He sent to us His prophet, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, with a preserved book [the Holy Koran] that has not been changed nor altered, as was the fate of the books that preceded it, an inimitable book that challenges mankind to bring one like it. In His immortal and inimitable book, God Almighty tells us that ‘every soul shall have a taste of death’ [Koranic verse, excerpted from Sura 29:57] and that one's time on earth is predetermined and prejudged. This is not the first time that you tried to kill my weak person. You attacked four families -- and among them was my family in Cardiz -- and killed 18 Muslim men, women, and children, but you failed to kill me, with God's will and might. You dropped on us all kinds of bombs including the seven ton bombs in Tora Bora, but with God's power and might, you could not kill me. By an order from you, the dogs of the Crusaders surrounded [place name indistinct] in Waziristan and claimed that they had me under siege. Instead, they fell in an ambush for the mujahidin, who killed and burned them. Before you, the reckless [US President William J.] Clinton tried to kill me and the lion of Islam, the mujahid, Shaykh Usama bin Ladin, may God protect him, with cruise missiles, but with God's will, he could not. [A quote from Sixth Century Islamic leader Ali Ibn-abi-Talib was inserted here.]

“I will meet my fate, which is preordained by God Almighty as He wishes, but if my hour does not come, neither you nor all world forces nor all human beings can bring forward my death. Bush, do you know where I am? I am in the midst of Muslim masses, enjoying their support, care, generosity, and protection, which are manifestations of God's grace extended to me, not to mention their participation in the jihad against you until we defeat you, with God's help and might.

“Oh Bush, you failed individual, know that our brothers are racing toward death to please God, while your soldiers are running away from the battles fearing for the crumbs of this life. Our brothers go toward death with smiles on their faces, while your soldiers are having breakdowns and are committing suicide out of despair.

“Oh Bush, in spite of your crimes, your stupidity, and your dark history, I offer you Islam to transport you from darkness into light. If you accept the offer, you become our brother in faith, and we will forget all the harm and crimes you had committed against us and against our brothers and our people. [Verses from the Koran were cited here]

“My second message is to the American people, who are drowning in illusions. I tell them that Bush and his gang are shedding your blood and squandering your money in futile adventures that aim at pushing you into a confrontation which you cannot endure with the Muslims to boost their wealth. They are drawing for you a future that is painted in the color of blood, the smoke of explosions, and the darkness of horror. The mujahid lion of Islam, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, may God protect him, has offered you a noble solution to your crisis, but your leaders, who are keen to amass more wealth, insist on sending you to your death and on having you killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even in your own home, God willing.

“Your leaders have responded to the initiative of Shaykh Usama, may God protect him, by saying that they do not negotiate with terrorists and that they are winning the war against terrorism. I ask them: you liars, greedy people, and warmongers, who is withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, you or we? Whose soldiers are committing suicide because of despair? Yours or ours?

“Oh American mother: If the Department of Defense calls you to tell you that your son will reach you in a coffin, remember George Bush. Oh British wife: If the Department of Defense contacts you to tell you that your husband will reach you handicapped, with limbs amputated and torched, then remember Tony Blair.

“My third message is to the traitor and the corrupt Musharraf. I say to him that your masters the Americans are running away from Iraq and Afghanistan, so wait for your Judgment Day to pay for the Muslim blood that you have spilled.

“My fourth message is to the Pakistani Army. I say to it, Musharraf has turned you into hunting dogs working for the Crusaders and has turned against your own people. What dignity or pride is left for you? You are humiliated and insulted. This humiliation can be lifted only by confronting your failed leadership and putting obedience to God and His messenger above obedience to America and Israel.

“My fifth message is to the Muslim nation in Pakistan. First, I offer my Muslim brothers my condolences for their martyrs who died as a result of the brutal shelling by the Crusaders. I pray that God will accept their martyrs, heal their wounded, and take care of their orphans and families.

“Second, I advise them to walk in God's path and to stand as one army in the face of the crusade against Afghanistan and Pakistan. I urge them to join their brothers the mujahidin with their lives, their money, and their weapons. I also ask them to extend to them a place to stay, support them, and pray for them.

“Third, I bring the good tidings that the signs of America's defeat are now apparent and, God willing, she will meet a fate similar to that of the defunct Soviet Union.

“Fourth, I call on them to cling to the rope of God and to struggle in order to establish Islamic law and unite under its banner in opposition to Musharraf, the traitor and corrupt, who sold Pakistan to America and Israel and spilled the blood of Muslims of Afghanistan, Peshawar, Waziristan, and Balushistan.

“Fifth, I call on all Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and particularly their scholars, students, and mujahidin, to come together around the amir [commander] of jihad, Mulla Muhammad Umar, the persevering mujahid in the face of the criminal Crusaders campaign.

“Sixth, I warn them against believing the lies of Musharraf and his corrupt gang of traitors who were exposed by Condoleezza Rice when she refused to apologize for spilling the blood of Muslims and she instead announced that they would deal harshly with the terrorists and that they would repeat their crimes again and again, fighting Islam and jihad in the name of the war on terrorism. Musharraf and his gang are contributing in shedding your blood. They have received bribes from the US. They have sold their faith, your blood, and honor. Here the traitor Shawkat Aziz pretends to protest US attacks and then hurries the following day to Washington to coordinate with the US the new plans to kill you and violate your honor. Is not that the treacherous government that recognized Israel and conceded all principles and positions of former governments with regard to Kashmir, while India did not concede one inch from its position on Kashmir? This is the government that is carrying out a US plan to divide Pakistan and turn it into a humiliated state subservient to India.

“My sixth message is to the Islamic nation everywhere to hold firm to the commands of God, to confront the Crusaders' campaigns, whose defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan are sending signals. Let all know that the welfare of this faith is more important than the life of this or that person and that all individuals are mortal and the religion of God is and will remain protected and honored with the help and might of God. I am calling on everyone to rise up to support their brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq with their souls, money, prayers, experience, and knowledge. This is the time. Rise up.
“Praise be to God, Lord of all creation."
(Above courtesy of U.S. Central Command - What Extremists are Saying)

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