Sunday, July 20, 2008

Israel: On Ground Updates - July 20, 2008

On Ground Updates
Terrorist Killed was Head of Hamas Charity Foundation
Sunday, July 20, 2008
Palestinian terrorist who shot and wounded an Israeli civilian near the Israeli community of Yaqir on July 7, 2008, has been identified as Mahmoud O'ttaman Mahmoud A'azi, 48, from the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan. War on financing terrorism (IICC report)

A'azi was the head of the Islamic Charity Foundation, which serves as a source of funding for Hamas' terror activities, in his village, and in the past was among the heads of the terror organization in the Samaria region. An IDF officer, who was moderately wounded by the terrorist during an exchange of fire, identified the terrorist's location, opened fire, and killed him.
Visual materiel confiscated from Hamas Charity Institutions
Taken from a MFA Newsletter - Communicated by the IDF Spokesman

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