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Pakistan: On Ground Updates - September 20, 2008

Pakistan: On Ground Updates
Huge Bomb Attack Hits Marriott Hotel in Pakistan Capital
Saturday, September 20, 2008

* The BBC News website reports Saturday morning...
A bomb attack has hit the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, killing at least 40 people... The BBC's Barbara Plett who is at the scene says the blast created a 20ft (6m) deep crater, and destroyed the entire front section of the hotel... She says the building is engulfed in flames, and rescue workers are carrying out bloodied victims and bodies... Police say the blast occurred as a car approached the hotel, and that it was a suspected suicide attack...

Read the rest at link below...
Deadly bomb hits Pakistan hotel
(Above link has photos and raw news video footage)
> BBC News posted this updated report up on their website early Sunday Morning...
Rescuers Comb Pakistan Bomb Hotel
(Above link has videos, photos and more)
Massive Bomb Destroys Marriott in Pakistan
, September 20, 2008

About News Video: A huge explosion ripped through part of the heavily guarded Marriott Hotel in Pakistan's capital Saturday, killing at least 40 people and wounding at least 100.
Video posted on YouTube by AssociatedPress

* had this report posted on their website early Saturday afternoon, (CDT) and it starts off like this... At least 60 people including foreigners were killed in a powerful blast outside the five-star Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital after a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden truck into the hotel gate engulfing the building in flames... A spokesman for the Indian High Commission told PTI that no Indians were present in the hotel at the time of one of the worst terror attacks in the country in which about 1,000 kg of explosives were reported to have been used... ARY TV reported that 60 people had died and 200 injured in the explosion in which the popular American hotel chain was targeted for the second time in 20 months. The blasts were the most intense explosion ever in the country at one particular spot, according to officials...
Read the rest of this short report at link below...
60 killed in blast outside Marriot hotel in Islamabad
* reports it this way...
62 die as suicide bomber strikes Pakistani luxury hotel
* has the following photos posted
(Warning: Some photos are graphic)
Read their report


The next front in the War on Terror is NOT going to be Afghanistan. It’s going to be Pakistan. And give it a year or so of heavy fighting, with lots of people killed in the process... and you can bet your last dollar that the Dems will find a way to TRY to turn tail and Cut and RUN on this part of the war also.

We can not afford one single day of an Obama-Biden Presidency.

We need experience in the White House...


Not an Anti-War... Anti- American like Obama!!!

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