Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin Media Avoidance Watch? had an article up on their website yesterday titled Palin Media Avoidance Watch, Day Seven and it starts 0ff like this... Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was named to the Republican ticket one week ago, and she has yet to answer questions from reporters... Yes, some of the comments from the punditocracy about her have been untoward, even sexist, but given the importance of the job she accepted Wednesday night in her nomination speech, it's entirely reasonable for voters to expect Palin to answer questions from journalists about her positions and her record...
You know... If I was Governor Palin, I think I would go on all the Conservative Radio Shows out there and then go on all the major Programs at the FOX NEWS Channel. Then after a few days... tell the rest of the MSM were to stick it!!!

The way I see it... These people didn’t bitch one bit when the Democrats boycotted FOX NEWS from EVERY LAST ONE of their Presidential Debates!

Stick it back in their face and tell them WHY!!!
Governor Palin Official Portrait - Photo credit Jeff Schultz of Anchorage, AK

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