Friday, October 03, 2008

House Voting on Financial Rescue Bill - Stock Market UP...

House Voting on Financial Rescue Bill -
Stock Market UP... Then Down, Then...
, October 03, 2008
Photo courtesy of the Republican Whip website
.You can watch the House voting LIVE on the Financial Rescue Bill at link below. They are voting on it right now, 12:05pm CDT...
Watch the C-SPAN Live Stream HERE.
Note: Bill needs 218 votes to pass...
* UPDATE: 12:35pm CDT *
Financial Rescue Bill
Passes House....
The Vote:
263 YEA - 171 NAY
The House Republicans and Democrats voted to approve an $800 billion rescue plan designed to bring stability to the financial markets... After a tumultuous week that included House politicians voting down the first rescue bill and Senate approving an amended version of the bill, politicians did what was expected and approved the bill... The vote was approved 263 to 171. According to the vote tally, 172 Democrats and 91 Republicans voted for the rescue plan. Of those that voted against the plan, 63 were Democrats and 108 were Republicans...
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Watch Market Snapshots & Breaking News on Financial Rescue Bill at
* President Bush Discusses Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
A short time ago, the House of Representatives passed a bill that is essential to helping America's economy weather the financial crisis. The Senate passed the same legislation on Wednesday night. And when Congress sends me the final bill, I'm going to sign it into law...
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