Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pakistan: On Ground Updates - October 18, 2008

Pakistan: On Ground Updates
U.S. Drone Strike Said to Kill Al-Qaeda’s #4
, October 18, 2008

* The New York Times has the following report on their website this Saturday morning and it starts off like this... A missile attack from a remotely piloted American aircraft is believed to have killed a senior member of Qaeda in South Waziristan on Thursday, a former member of a militant group in the region said in an interview... The operative, Khalid Habib, an Egyptian who was chief of operations in Pakistan’s tribal region, is described by the Central Intelligence Agency as the fourth-ranking person in the Qaeda hierarchy...
Read the full report at link below...
U.S. Strike Is Said to Kill Qaeda Figure in Pakistan
Map Courtesy of CENTCOM

* reports...
Pakistan army claims 60 militants killed in NW
* CBS News website had the following report this morning...
Long-Term Partnership between Asian Nations viewed as counterbalance to U.S.-India nuclear ties...
China To Help Pakistan Build 2 Nuke Plants


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