Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pakistan Frees Nuclear Weapons Proliferator Abdul Qadeer Khan

The Wrath of Khan begins
Saturday, February 07, 2009
. had this article up on their website Friday evening and it starts off like this... Early yesterday, [Friday] the Pakistani scientist at the center of one of history's worst nuclear scandals walked out of his Islamabad villa to declare his vindication after five years of house arrest. "The judgment, by the grace of God, is good," a smiling Abdul Qadeer Khan told a throng of reporters and TV crews... Moments earlier, a Pakistani court had ordered the release of the metallurgist who had famously admitted selling nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. Through years of legal limbo, Khan, 72, had never been charged, and now he never will be. "The so-called A.Q. Khan affair is a closed chapter," a Pakistani government spokesman said...In Washington, the news sparked criticism but little surprise...
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Nuclear Scientist A.Q. Khan Is Freed From House Arrest
Pakistan Frees Nuclear Weapons Proliferator

About this News Video: The scientist who helped Pakistan develop nuclear weapons and allegedly leaked atomic secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya, was freed from years of de facto house arrest. U.S. officials say Abdul Qadeer Khan is a security risk. (Feb. 6)
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Well that’s just great.
The Wrath of Khan begins, again...
Yep -- The world sure is a safer place now!!!

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