Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Iraq: On Ground Updates - March 17, 2009

Iraq: On Ground Updates
Country Headed in New Direction
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

File Photo by Staff Sgt. Paul Villanueva II - U.S. Air Forces Central, Baghdad Media Outreach Tea

* ABC News had this refreshing article up on their website Monday and it starts off like this… For Americans, getting in the car and driving wherever you want is something pretty much taken for granted, but not in Iraq, where for years the roads have been plagued with roadside bombs, unofficial checkpoints run by death squads and a whole cast of bandits and kidnappers… But this year we felt things had changed, and so we got in our cars and drove from Baghdad to Kerbala, a major Shiite pilgrimage city 65 miles south of the capital… We were not entirely sure how safe it would be when we set out, but after driving through some of the 24 checkpoints on the road, we quickly relaxed. We stopped to talk to people on the way, and none seemed at all anxious about security or were amazed that foreigners would be driving on the highway…
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Iraq: Country Headed in New Direction
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