Friday, April 20, 2012

Should-a PAID! - Photos and more of alleged Colombia Escort at Center of Secret Service Hooker Scandal

Dania Suarez… the alleged Colombia Escort at the Center of the Secret Service Hooker Scandal reported our U.S. Dumb A’ SS Agent offered only to pay $28 of the $800 previously agreed upon for her services/DATE.
* Lots of photos of Colombia Escort at center of the Secret Service Hooker Scandal HERE

* The New York Times has a very detailed read you might like to click out at link below…
* Here’s a fun read at and it starts off like this… Call it the flip-side to torture: using seduction to extract valuable information. It’s as old as the Old Testament - literally. Delilah used deception and seduction to find out the secret of Samson’s strength. His hair was never to be cut. So off she went to tell the Philistines - and his precious braids were shaved as he slept… The lure of sex has been the stuff of both spy fiction and real-life scandals ever since…
Read this article in full at link below…
Should-a Paid tha gal, son…    lol
But seriously… What tha HELL were you guys thinking for doing such things in the first place!
What DUMB A$$es!!!
More photos and such to come out of all of this mess in the days/weeks ahead so naturally I’ll be updating this Post as needed.  CHECK BACK!


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