Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - Wisconsin/Maryland/Washington D.C. Primaries

Presidential Election 2012
Today We Have The
Wisconsin/Maryland/Washington D.C. Primaries
With a Total of 98 Delegates up for Grabs
And the Winner Is…
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Original Post time: 12:15pm CDT
Image Credit: Mitt Romney Campaign
Depending from whom one gets their Delegate total results from, I’m using Yahoo News info right now… The Total Delegate Count going into these April 3rd Primaries are as follows: Mitt Romney 572 delegates - Rick Santorum 273 - Newt Gingrich 135 and Ron Paul 50.
1,144 delegates are needed for the Republican Nomination. After today’s total Delegate count is finally given… Mitt Romney will be moving WELL PAST the Half Way Point making him WELL on his way to being…
 The NEXT PRESIDENT of the United States!
-- States/District Up for Grabs --
And number of Delegates up for grabs today and total overall

* Wisconsin: 18 of 42 - Primary
* Maryland: 24 of 37 - Primary
* Washington D.C. (The District of Columbia): 16 of 19 - Primary
Polls close for Maryland & Washington D.C. at 7:00pm CDT
Polls will close for Wisconsin at 8:00pm CDT
* Keep up with the latest *
Track Race results and more with Fox News, in real time, at link below…
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-- Today’s States/District Winner is --
Post last Updated EARLY Wednesday morning
April 4th, 2012
1:55am CDT
* Wisconsin: 99% reporting
*** W inner - Mitt Romney 43%
2nd Rick Santorum 38%
3rd Ron Paul 12%
4th Newt Gingrich 06%
* Maryland: 79% reporting
*** W inner - Mitt Romney 49%
 2nd Rick Santorum 29%
3rd Newt Gingrich 11%
4th Ron Paul 10%
* Washington D.C.: * 99% reporting
*** W inner – Mitt Romney 70%
2nd Ron Paul 12%
3rd Newt Gingrich 11%
4th Rick Santorum 00%
NOTE: Rick Santorum didn’t meet requirements to be on ballot
With this round being pretty much over now… we have a three week break until the next round of voting begins and that will happen on April 24th.
There are FIVE States up for grabs on the 24th and they are: Pennsylvania, (Pennsylvania being Rick’s home state and a must-win to keep his bid alive for the Republican Presidential Nomination… his words,) New York, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut. ALL Primaries! And if I had to bet right now, I would have to say… ALL Romney WINs too!
Lol… We shall see...

Final thought:
Congrats on a GREAT WIN tonight, MITT!
Winner of all three States, Awesome!!!
Now… Let’s do it again in three weeks and win all FIVE States that are up for grabs.

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