Saturday, January 28, 2006

20th anniversary of Challenger Accident

The NASA family lost seven of its own on the morning of January 28, 1986, when a booster engine failed, causing the Shuttle Challenger to break apart just 73 seconds after launch. The crew of STS-51-L: Front row from left, Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Ron McNair. Back row from left, Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, Judith Resnik.
(Courtesy of NASA - photo by NASA)

"Everyone in the country felt like it happened to them too," she wrote. "And it did. The Challenger explosion was a national tragedy. Everyone saw it. Everyone hurt. Everyone grieved. Everyone wanted to help... But that did not make it any easier for me. They wanted to say goodbye to American heroes. I just wanted to say goodbye to my daddy."
(The above was written by the Challenger’s Commander Dick Scobee's daughter, Kathie.)
In memory of all of those we have lost... to space exploration.

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