Saturday, December 12, 2009

Afghanistan/Pakistan: On Ground Updates - December 12, 2009

On Ground Updates
Al Qaeda Leader Saleh al-Somali killed by Drone Strike last Tuesday - Al-Somali was on Central Intelligence Agency's list of Top 20 al Qaeda Targets
Saturday, December 12, 2009

USAF Courtesy Photo
* CBS News has the following report posted up on their website this Saturday afternoon and it goes in part like this... The man responsible for executing part of al Qaeda's strategy to move the terrorist groups' Arab militant fighters out of the Afghanistan-Pakistan region to Yemen may be dead, senior Pakistani security officials and Arab diplomats in Pakistan have told CBS News... Reports of the likely death of Saleh al-Somali, a Somali-born key al Qaeda operational planner, in a U.S. drone strike in northwestern Pakistan Tuesday prompted at least one knowledgeable Arab diplomat in the country to describe him as "a lynchpin in al Qaeda's well-considered new strategy."...
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Al Qaeda's Yemen Connection May Be Dead
* The Wall Street Journal reports this bit of good news this way today on their website... U.S. officials said Saleh al-Somali, who was responsible for al Qaeda's operations outside of Afghanistan and Pakistan, was killed in the strike Tuesday. He was on the Central Intelligence Agency's list of the top 20 al Qaeda targets, according to an official familiar with the list... On Friday, officials in Pakistan said intelligence officers on the ground had identified the dead militant as Abu Yahya al-Libi, a senior al Qaeda figure higher on the CIA's list of terrorist targets...
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Drone Kills a Leader of Al Qaeda

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