Monday, March 19, 2012

Governor of Puerto Rico confident Puerto Ricans will vote to make their Territory the 51st State in the Union this fall

While we’re on Puerto Rico today
* Our friends at Fox News had the following report posted on their website Sunday afternoon and it starts off like this… The Governor of Puerto Rico is confident Puerto Ricans will vote to make the U.S. territory a STATE this fall, and despite recent comments from GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, English will not need to be made the primary language for that to happen… As a territory, Puerto Ricans cannot vote in the general election November 6th. But, they will vote on a statehood referendum on that day. Gov. Luis Fortuno tells Fox News it will be a process but he is confident it will happen…
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* International Business Times had the following posted on their website early Monday morning… Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have left Puerto Rico in their hunt for delegates in the GOP presidential primary election, leaving behind encouraging words for those who want to see the territory become the 51st state in the union
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Good for them!
I hope the peoples of Puerto Rico make it in!

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