Saturday, March 24, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - Louisiana Primary

Presidential Election 2012
There’s just ONE State Voting Today
* Louisiana *

And the Winner is…
Saturday, February 24, 2012
Post time: 8:10pm CDT
-- States up for Grabs --
And number of Delegates per State

* Louisiana: 46 - Primary
(Note: 20 Delegates awarded tonight - 26 more will be awarded at Republican Convention)
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Track Race results and more with Fox News, in real time, at link below…
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Polls close at 8:00pm CDT
-- Today’s Winner --
Last updated as of…
March 24th
10:30pm CDT
* Louisiana: 99% reporting
*** W inner – Rick Santorum 49%
2nd Mitt Romney 26%
3rd Newt Gingrich 16%
4th Ron Paul 06%
Congrats, Rick
On Your Louisiana First Place Finish
Enjoy your win today… for future wins are going to be harder to come by.
Newt, we love ya man and I do not say the following to be mean and hateful but say so out of respect. PLEASE… man up and suspend your Presidential run. You’re acting more and more like a bitter old man and you are SOOO much better than that!
To be honest… all three of you, Rick, Newt and Ron… need to seriously rethink this thing. Do so for all the peoples on the right… for our Party’s sake… and for the bettering of our chances on Beating OBAMA in November.
Bottom-line… The math just isn’t there anymore for ANY of you guys to win this thing. And you ALL know it!
With that said No more State elections this month.
But -- Let the fun begin again in April!

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