Saturday, June 11, 2005

Faith Based Follies

First let me say that “Pardon My English” is a very good Blog to visit and I for one have enjoyed most all of their reads-- But...............
There is a post today at “” titled “Faith Based Follies in the Bible Belt” that just doesn’t cut mustard with me. Click it out and then read my views and let me know what you think on all of this. (Maybe I just read it the wrong way, but I don't think so…)

Not a fair shake on the Bible belt.
A handful of nuts make not the whole all bad.
And those numbers on higher divorce and out of wedlock birth rates in the south, I would have to question those numbers too. Who made up this survey and why did they do so. What did these numbers mean in the overall view of the survey??? Was there a much larger number of minorities, poor peoples and under educated in one place compared to the other and so on. These kinds of questions will find the truths of such a survey-- Not just saying, “Hey it’s all about those dumb country Hicks in the Religious belt!!!!”
Try getting it right the next time my friend......


Alan Stewart Carl said...

There's been an anti-south bias in this country since, well, since there was this country.

As a Texan who has lived in both New York City and Washington, DC, I'm well aware of what some (not all, but some) northerners think of us and our culture. Sure, the South has its weirdos and problems. So does the North and the West and everything in between.

Ah, well. What're you going to do? Me, I'm moving back to San Antone in two months. And this time I'm staying for good.

AubreyJ said...

Thanks for the reply Alan. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and as for me.... I think I'll go and eat a great big old Whopper and Fry and die about now!!!!!!