Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Israel Security Cabinet Declares Gaza Hostile Territory

Israel Security Cabinet Declares
Gaza Hostile Territory

, September 19, 2007
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website brings us this report this morning...
(The following communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today (Wednesday), 19 September 2007, convened the Security Cabinet, in continuation of its September 5 meeting, in order to discuss possibilities for taking action in light of both the continued Kassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Sderot and other communities near the Gaza Strip and the continued terrorism in the Strip.

In today's unanimous decision, it was determined:

Hamas is a terrorist organization that has taken control of the Gaza Strip and turned it into hostile territory. This organization engages in hostile activity against the State of Israel and its citizens and bears responsibility for this activity.

In light of the foregoing, it has been decided to adopt the recommendations that have been presented by the security establishment, including the continuation of military and counter-terrorist operations against the terrorist organizations. Additional sanctions will be placed on the Hamas regime in order to restrict the passage of various goods to the Gaza Strip and reduce the supply of fuel and electricity. Restrictions will also be placed on the movement of people to and from the Gaza Strip. The sanctions will be enacted following a legal examination, while taking into account both the humanitarian aspects relevant to the Gaza Strip and the intention to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

>>> The website reports it this way... Israel's security cabinet today declared Gaza an "enemy entity", paving the way for possible cuts in fuel and water to the Hamas-controlled territory... The decision, described by Hamas as a "declaration of war", follows almost daily rocket attacks from Gaza at southern Israel... So far, Israeli air strikes and limited incursions against the rocket launchers have failed to stop the rocket fire...
Read the rest at link below...
Israel declares Gaza 'enemy entity'

>>> has this take... The Israeli government has declared the Gaza Strip a "hostile entity" in response to the continued rocket attacks by Palestinian militants there... The decision could lead to Israel cutting off vital water, fuel or electricity supplies to the territory...
Israelis declare Gaza 'hostile'

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