Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fort Hood Mass Murder Tragedy

The Fort Hood Mass Murder Tragedy
November 10, 2009
By Aubrey J. Fawcett

Have you noticed these last few days how everyone is treating this terrible event that unfolded last week inside the gates of Fort Hood? I sure have and it scares the heck out of me.

It seems to me that most everyone in the MSM... many in the Military Brass and all those in the Obama Administration are all hell-bent on turning this mass murder tragedy at Fort Hood into something that it was not.

It was not a Criminal Act, people! This very kind of dangerous thinking is sending us back to having a pre 9/11 mindset and we can NEVER... go back to having that kind of highly political... totally incorrect line of thinking again.

My friends... We can never again let our guard down on the actions or ideologies of the individuals or groups of extremist that are out there... hell-bent on killing us!

We can never again go back to having a false sense of security and again treating terrorism as a criminal act.

Sadly... Our enemies see us doing just that. And by letting our guard down... by again being politically correct... like pre 9/11... We have again missed the writing on the wall before us!

So... here we are... again... Mourning our dead and wounded of an event that we should have seen coming a mile away... But again... We did not!

My friends... No matter what your political views might be... One thing is for certain. In these days of fast news and even faster life styles... We all seem to have forgotten those moments in history that so abruptly and tragically changed this beloved Country of ours...

9/11… How soon we forget…

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