Sunday, November 22, 2009

Iran: On Ground Updates - November 22, 2009

Iran: On Ground Updates
Iran Begins Five-Day, Large-Scale, Air Defense, War Games Aimed At Protecting Its Nuclear Sites
Sunday, November 22, 2009
6:45 am CST
* brings us the following report and it goes in part like this... Gen. Ahmad Mighani, head of an air force unit that deals with threats to Iran's air space, said Saturday the war games would cover regions where Iran's nuclear facilities are located, reflecting the country's concern that Israel could make good on threats to strike militarily... The drill, involving Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, comes as a top clerical official in Teheran renewed his threat to target "the heart of Tel Aviv" should Israel attack Iran...
Read the full report at link below...
Iran begins nationwide air defense drill
has this short report early this Sunday morning...
'Iran will strike Tel Aviv if attacked'

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