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#27- AubreyJ’s Energy Update Report - January 01, 2010

AubreyJ’s Latest Energy Update ReportNatural Gas Drilling Regulations Get Hammered Again By A Bunch Of Educated New York Idiots!Friday, January 01, 2010

Image credit: Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
And so many of you out there wonder why we have to import so much of our energy needs these days!!!.
Well... It’s because of idiots like these in New York and around the country that have taken our own natural resources and found every way possible to stop production. “Over Protectionist” is what I like to call them. Or better yet... “Educated Idiots”!!!.
No wonder everything cost so much these days. It’s because of these people who by the way are mostly all Dems. No shocker there....
New Yorkers... it’s your State. And what you do with it is your business I guess... But if you allow these over protectionist to take control of your Mineral RIGHTS... to make LAW... you deserve EVERYTHING you financially DON’T get because of your actions!.
I guess some New Yorkers think that when their State is near BROKE... why should they care? They will just get some Bailouts from the DEMS in Congress. It’s just paper money... RIGHT!!!?.Oh well... All of us southern boys... who didn’t let idiots take control of our States... and are going after and producing our natural resources, (without all the BS your boys up north keep preaching about going wrong)... will be glad to sell you OUR Natural Gas... for a GOOD Price too. No Problem!!!

With that said... let’s get started off with the following report I ran across on the ABC News website......> ABC News had this report posted up on December 31st. It starts off like this... A coalition of 16 business and economic development groups, led by the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York, delivered a letter this week to Paterson urging him to remain committed to his draft State Energy Plan, which supports the expansion of natural gas exploration... "The extremely stringent requirements" proposed by the DEC ensure that gas will be extracted safely, the coalition said... The coalition estimates that Marcellus Shale development in New York will generate more than $1.4 billion in annual economic impact, including more than $100 million in landowner lease payments and $32 million in state tax revenue... On Monday, a group of New York congressmen, state lawmakers, New York City officials and environmental advocates will hold a news conference in Manhattan to call on Paterson to withdraw the draft impact statement and develop a new one...Read the rest at link below...EPA Faults Proposed NY Gas Drilling Regulations.
> REUTERS had this take on the news and their report goes in part like this...
An EPA report on the divisive issue is the latest potential roadblock for energy companies seeking to exploit the Marcellus Shale formation, which state officials say may contain enough natural gas to satisfy U.S. demand for more than a decade... "We have concerns regarding potential impacts to human health and the environment that we believe warrant further scientific and regulatory analysis," wrote John Filippelli, chief of the agency's Strategic Planning and Programs Branch... "EPA has serious reservations about whether gas drilling in the New York City watershed is consistent with the vision of high-quality unfiltered water supply," he wrote in the agency's report, dated Wednesday... Last week, New York City asked the state to ban shale gas drilling in the city's watershed...
Read this report in full at link below...EPA questions New York state plan to drill for shale gas.> The New York Times has the following report and it goes in part like this... It [the CPA] recommended that “essential environmental protection measures” be taken before the state begins to review permit applications for the drilling, which is envisaged in the Marcellus Shale region... The region includes New York City’s watershed in the Catskills. The Chesapeake Energy Corporation, which owns the lease to drill in the watershed, has backed off from plans to drill there specifically, but opponents of drilling have argued that the promise means little and could be reversed...Read the full report at link below...E.P.A., Concerned Over Gas Drilling, Questions New York State’s Plans .
> Gothamist reports... The federal Environmental Protection Agency has told the state that "essential environmental protection measures" must be taken before allowing The Chesapeake Energy Corporation to drill for gas within the 2,000- square-mile Catskills watershed that provides drinking water to millions of NYC residents. The EPA's letter to the State Department of Environmental Conservation reinforces criticism of the plan to blast huge volumes of water mixed with chemicals into rock to extract gas. There is worry that the drilling, which creates large amounts of wastewater, could contaminate NYC's water supply. Katherine Nadeau at Environmental Advocates of New York described the federal agency’s letter as “nothing short of awesome.”...Read this report in full at link below...EPA Against Gas Drilling in Upstate Watershed..> reports it this way... Drilling promises big money for the state but some say the environmental impact is too severe... Environmentalist Walter Hang has collected eight-thousand signatures against the proposed drilling guidelines. An effort he says lets the governor know that not all New Yorkers are for the plan... “You need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to do gas drilling safely. The last thing we need is more problems,” Hang said...Read this report in full at link below...EPA concerned about New York’s natural gas drilling rules

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle had this report up on their website on the 29th and it goes in part like this... Between 3,000 and 6,000 wells would be required for drilling by Chesapeake Energy Corp., owner of leases in the upstate watershed region. There is widespread worry that a company pledge not to drill in the watershed area announced in October would not be kept or enforced by the state because the pledge is non-binding, according to Natural Resources Defense Council lawyers... At a briefing to the city’s Water Board last Wednesday, the city DEP released its study results, concluding that “fracking” drilling process could endanger the city’s drinking water and damage aqueducts. “We made a decision based on science,” said city DEP Deputy Commissioner Paul Rush... The day before the briefing, the city sent a strong letter to the State DEP, signed by city DEP Acting Commissioner Steven Lawitts. It asked for the state to withdraw its draft regulations that approve of the drilling...
Read the full report at link below...Brooklyn Campaign On Watershed Drilling Gets Boost From City
> reports... After months of warning signs, New York City officials have called for a ban on natural gas drilling within the city’s 2,000-square-mile upstate watershed and urged Albany to withdraw its controversial draft environmental review for drilling across the state... The move follows the completion of a yearlong study by a private consulting firm commissioned by the city, which found that "gas drilling poses unacceptable risks to the unfiltered drinking water supply for nine million New Yorkers." It sets up a confrontation between the city, which says any degradation of its unfiltered water supply could cost upwards of $10 billion to fix, and Gov. David Paterson, who has said the drilling would be an important part of the state’s economic recovery... The city announced its position following the release of a consultant’s report, commissioned by city’s Department of Environmental Protection, which found that the chemicals injected into the ground as part of the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing could make their way to groundwater and contaminate water reservoirs. It cautioned that the wastewater produced from the process posed a similar risk...Read the rest at link below...New York City Calls for Drilling Ban in Watershed, Rejects State Study
Later this year when Elections come up all around the country... We got to vote ALL the far left Dems out of office... ALL of them! They are destroying this great country of ours!!!AubreyJ.........

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