Monday, January 11, 2010

Republicans Just Might Win Massachusetts Senate Seat

“Massachusetts Miracle”
Republican Candidate has Strong Chance of Defeating Democratic Opponent in Race for Ted Kennedy’s Seat in Senate
Monday, January 11, 2010
Here’s an interesting read I found today at and it starts off like this... With the election only nine days away in what Politico is calling a possible “Massachusetts miracle,” the Republican candidate now has a strong chance of defeating his Democratic opponent in the race for Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate... A poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP), a Democratic survey firm, shows Republican Scott Brown has overtaken Democrat Martha Coakley, and holds a 48 percent to 47 percent lead as the Jan. 19 special election approaches... State Sen. Brown leads 63-to-31 percent among independents, and is winning 17 percent of the Democratic vote, while Attorney General Coakley receives only 6 percent support from Republican voters, according to the poll completed on Jan. 9... The survey also found that 66 percent of Republicans are “very excited” about turning out to vote, while only 48 percent of Democrats feel that way...
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Poll Shows Republican Can Win Mass. Senate Seat

Now wouldn’t THAT be something!!!?

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