Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - Florida Primary

Presidential Election 2012 - Florida Primary
Florida Voters Have Spoken in this 2012 Presidential Campaign… Winner, Mitt Romney!
Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
. File photo by Mitt Romney Campaign Website
Primary Results:
EARLY Wednesday Morning - 12:55am CST
100% of the votes are in…
50 Total Delegates at stake in this Florida Primary
* Winner Take All!
1st) Mitt Romney -46% WINNER!
771,842 - 50 Delegates
2nd) Newt Gingrich -32%
531,294 - 00 Delegates
3rd) Rick Santorum - 13%
222,248 - 00 Delegates
4th) Ron Paul - 07%
116,776 - 00 Delegates
Delegates total to date:
(Note: 1,144 Delegates needed to win Republican Presidential Nomination for year 2012)
Mitt Romney 84 - Newt Gingrich 27 - Ron Paul 10 - Rick Santorum 08
NOTE: I’ll adjust the above totals midday Wednesday, if need be, so check back!
But for now, keep up with the latest at link below…
FoxNews.com: Track the race in real time HERE
Congrats go out to Mitt for another first place finish. Job well done, Mitt. Must say that was a nice comeback from being down as much as you were… being so far behind Newt with his BIG win in South Carolina. Of course it didn’t hurt to be able to outspend Newt 5 to 1 in Campaign bashing… But sadly that is the animal of the game we play.

With that said… It’s on to Nevada folks! Nevada will hold its Caucus this February 4th. The Colorado Caucuses, Minnesota Caucuses and the Missouri Primary will be held three days later, on February 7th. Maine’s Caucuses will then follow four days later on February 11th. We end the month on February 28th with the Arizona, Michigan Primaries.
Say NEWT… Need to have some GREAT Debates during the ones coming up. Sadly the next one isn’t scheduled until near the end of the month on February 27th [Correction: Debate will be held in Arizona on Monday, February 22nd. CNN will host this Debate at 7:00pm CST.]
 Get us a few more WINS between now and then, would ya!
Good luck!!!
NEWT 2012

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